The Spirit of an Era

The 1960s changed our world forever. Our inspiration is rooted in the pure ideals of mid-century modernism. Reinventing the world through fresh thinking, audacious design and an unwavering belief in the immense possibilities of a better future. This is the ABC credo.


By the same operators behind Department, All Work & Social present the ABC Buildings, a collection of 1960s workspace, concepts and culture located in Enterprise City. ABC is a unique cluster of three buildings, designed to create opportunities for growth. The spirit of the Sixties expands the whole workspace, creating a timeless working environment, inspiring growth from an age that was truly revolutionary. Join the award-winning community of businesses and become a member of ABC.


The ABC Buildings are every bit as important and relevant today as they were in the Sixties. Look around today’s modern world and you’ll find that the Sixties was the catalyst for many of the momentous design, music, film and technological developments of recent times.

A new creative energy and design ethos emerged, transforming the art, design and creative industries, while creating a sense of endless possibility through new movements – a defining era that informs so much of our modern lives and shaped a generation.

the buildings

Designed by architectural practice Leach Rhodes Walker and built in three stages between 1959 to 1965, The ABC Buildings are a new style for Manchester, spaces transformed for modern industry in a modern city.

The architecture, the Brutalist design; it’s true Sixties. The ABC Buildings have many desirable features, which are as relevant today as they were over fifty years ago. The Sixties was a decade of originality, it challenged established principles and created some of the best examples of sustainable architecture.


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